About Anita

Anita has been an attorney with La Gro since 2020, practising in the areas of contract, travel and employment law. She advises on a variety of matters relating to travel and booking conditions, the Package Travel Directive, and travel-related liability law, but also on dismissal cases, collective bargaining law, and incapacity-to-work cases. Within the firm, she is the key person for matters requiring specialist knowledge of the travel industry. She is analytical, dedicated and approachable, and focuses on finding the best solution for her clients, keeping in mind the various interests at stake. 


  • Travel law 
  • Employment law 
  • General contract law 

Qualifications and experience

  • 2019, Leiden University (Master’s in Employment Law) 
  • 2019, Leiden University (Master’s in Civil Law) 
  • 2016, National University of Ireland Galway (Contract Law) 

Recent cases

  • Travel law: e.g. advising on travel and booking conditions, Package Travel Directive, aviation law and travel-related liability law; 
  • Employment law: e.g. assisting both employers and employees in employment law issues in a broad sense, including individual termination and group redundancy cases, legislation relating to collective labour agreements, harmonisation of employment conditions, reintegration processes and transfer of the company; 
Contact details
A.M. (Anita) Nelis

Attorney at law 

Employment law

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