About Cato 

Cato has been an attorney with La Gro since February 2021 and specialises in environmental law, with a particular interest in spatial planning law. She assists both local authorities and businesses in cases concerning zoning plans, environmental permits, and environmental law enforcement. She is also part of the ESG Team, focusing on licensing, enforcement, subsidies, incentives and other public sector schemes, particularly in the areas of the environment and sustainability. She has a critical mindset and is meticulous in her approach. Thanks to her many years of experience at the Dutch State Council, she is wellversed in assessing and weighing up risks and chances in a case. 


  • Environmental law
  • Spatial planning
  • Environmental permit
  • Enforcement
  • Administrative (procedural) law

Qualifications and experience

  • 2013, Leiden University (Master’s degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law)
  • Member of the Administrative Law Association
  • Member of the Environmental Law Association
  • Member of the Young Bar at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands

Recent cases

  • Spatial planning: zoning plans, land development plans, crisis and amending legislation, zoning plans with extended scope (regional surroundings plans), provincial environmental bylaws.
  • Environmental permits: large-scale and small-scale residential construction, expansion of (agricultural) businesses, scheme allowing a building plan to deviate from a zoning plan, scheme allowing a public authority to deviate from a zoning plan.
  • Local authority: parking policy, housing regulations, target group regulations, permanent occupancy of recreational properties, enforcement of environmental law, operating permits.
  • Environmental law courses: regional surroundings plan and environmental permit, transitory environmental law.
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C.A. (Cato) Blankenstein

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