About Daniël 

Daniël has been an attorney since 1999 and with La Gro since 2023, conducting litigation and advising in respect of real estate law in general, and tenancy law in particular. He advises housing corporations, commercial landlords, healthcare providers, and franchise organisations, while his day-to-day activities involve drafting and reviewing agreements, advising on matters such as renovation, housing fraud, nuisance matters, and housing for migrant workers. He also conducts litigation on a regular basis. He is a no-nonsense attorney who would always opt for practical solutions over costly legal proceedings: settle if you can, litigate if you must. 


  • Rental Law
  • Real estate

Qualifications and experience

  • 1996 University of Amsterdam
  • 2009 specialization course in rental law
  • Member of the editorial board of HIP
  • Lecturer at Helix
  • 2022 Member of the Vestia Disputes Committee
  • Member of the Central Housing Disputes Committee

Recent cases

  • Advising on complex (major) maintenance and renovation projects for various housing corporations.
  • Assisting various franchise organizations in developing and building new locations and leasing these locations to franchisees.
  • Developing and implementing a 10-step plan in case of tenant nuisance on behalf of various housing corporations.
  • Drafting (purchase) agreements on behalf of a health care institution in connection with the sale or purchase of real estate.


  • 2022 : SDU noise pollution, (im)possibilities to determine it objectively (HIP 2022/9)
  • 2022 : SDU, Are the proposed laws and regulations the aange’wezen’ weg?
  • 2021 : SDU, Checklist file structure for nuisance in rental cases
  • 2021 : SDU ROZ and Aedes clause in contractual co-tenancy, HIP 2121/17
  • 2020 : A landlord’s options in the event of a tenant’s collecting rage HIP 2020/10
  • 2019 : The moving allowance when renovating residential property, HIP 2019/41
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mr. D. (Daniël) de Vries

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Tenancy law 

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