About Jos 

Jos has been an administrative attorney with La Gro since 2018, advising and conducting litigation in areas such as the Open Government Act (Woo), enforcement, and subversion. He mainly assists municipalities and always takes political-administrative relations into consideration. He approaches complex matters with great care and is able to break them down into understandable material. 


  • Administrative (procedural) law
  • Freedom of information legislation
  • Enforcement
  • Undermining

Qualifications and experience

  • 2017, Leiden University (Master’s degree Constitutional and Administrative Law)

Recent cases

  • Freedom of information legislation: advising on the handling of request for access to government information and litigating on decisions regarding disclosure of government information
  • Enforcement: advising and litigating on the imposing of orders subject to a penalty for non-compliance or administrative enforcement and recovery decisions
  • Advising and litigating in the area of undermining, such as with respect to the closure of houses or area bans imposed on disorderly persons
Contact details
J. (Jos) Pfeifer

Attorney at law 

Public law

Jos Pfeifer