About Linda 

Linda has been an attorney with La Gro since 2006. Over the years, she has developed into an experienced and driven tenancy law specialist who is able to put matters in proper perspective. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of administrative, expropriation and civil law, she is well versed with many complex tenancy law matters and has a thorough understanding of the environment in which her clients operate. Her clients include healthcare providers, housing corporations, commercial landlords, hospitality businesses, large and medium-sized businesses, and private individuals. She has vast experience in drafting and reviewing lease agreements and is also often called upon to supervise the early termination of a lease due to the redevelopment of a shopping centre/area. Thanks to her personal approach and practical mindset, many clients have been coming back to her for many years. 


  • Property
  • Tenancy law
  • Apartment rights

Qualifications and experience

  • 2006, Leiden University (Dutch Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law, and Civil Law)
  • 2010, Institute for Construction Law (Public Construction Law)
  • 2013, Association of Expropriation Lawyers, Specialisation Programme in Expropriation
  • 2014, Association of Tenancy Lawyers, Specialisation Programme in Tenancy Law
  • Member of the Association of Tenancy Lawyers
  • Member of the Association of Construction Lawyers
  • Member of the Rijnwoude Rotary Club

Recent cases

  • Agreements for healthcare providers;
  • Agreements for housing corporations;
  • Agreements regarding company relocations;
  • Proceedings to remedy faults or to have faults remedied;
  • Proceedings on changes to rent charged for housing and business premises;
  • Proceedings for the dissolution or termination of agreements on account of non-payment, hemp cultivation, sub-letting, nuisance, and squatting.


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L.W.B. (Linda) Dijkstra - Devillers

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Tenancy law

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