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Criminal law

Criminal law is a broad field of law and contains legal rules for individuals, entrepreneurs, governments and companies. The criminal law team of La Gro Advocaten has more than 30 years of experience with criminal law. Our lawyers have experience as criminal lawyers in the most diverse criminal cases. They are familiar with procedures relating to administrative sanctions, such as sanctions under the Working Conditions Act and the Aliens Employment Act, and driving license procedures at the CBR, corporate criminal law, bankruptcy fraud and sexual offences.

Our approach

Dealing with criminal law is a complex challenge. We are always ready to assist you and will regularly consult with you about how we can do so. You can always contact us if you have any (legal) questions. We understand better than anyone that, in uncertain times, you want clarity about your legal position, both now and in the future.

Our criminal justice team particularly specialises in corporate criminal law, sexual offences and traffic violations. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of relevant work experience with corporate criminal law, sexual offences and traffic violations, have specialist legal knowledge and are aware of all the latest legal developments.

Your specialist
Adriaan Norenburg

Attorney at law

Here's what we can do for you

As an entrepreneur, you may have to deal with criminal law. For example, a criminal investigation into you or your company, or a ‘preventive’ investigation to determine whether your company still complies with existing laws and regulations. The consequences of a criminal investigation, tax audit or criminal conduct by one of your employees can be very serious.

Hiring a corporate criminal law attorney

It is wise to have a corporate criminal lawyer assist you. We specialise in criminal law for entrepreneurs and can assist you with legal issues such as: administrative sanctions, fraud, industrial accidents, company theft, forgery, FIOD cases, house searches and (police) raids.

Every year, thousands of companies in the Netherlands go bankrupt. According to the Public Prosecutor, a quarter of bankruptcies involve fraud. Bankruptcy fraud occurs if the fraud was committed before, during or through the bankruptcy of a company. There are several forms of bankruptcy fraud that can negatively affect creditors.

Hire a bankruptcy fraud lawyer

If you are suspected of bankruptcy fraud, it is important to seek advice from a bankruptcy fraud lawyer. We can proactively advise you on the steps to be taken if you are a suspect or have been summoned to appear in court.

If you are suspected of a sexual offence, this will almost always have a huge impact, including on your private life. These are matters that the police and the judiciary pay a lot of attention to and often lead to social unrest.

Timely legal assistance is essential in these cases. We have decades of experience with sexual offences and can provide you with the best possible assistance. Contact a lawyer immediately if you are (possibly) suspected of a sexual offence.

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