About us

We are La Gro. Attorneys at law since 1902, formerly known as La Gro Geelkerken Lawyers. As an independent law firm, we serve our national and international clients from our offices in The Hague (head office) and Alphen aan den Rijn. With over 60 attorneys at law and 35 additional staff, we unite our efforts on a daily basis as we focus on complex legal matters and provide strategic advice to national and international businesses, non-profit organisations, and local authorities alike.  


Moving forward together

Our legal services go beyond winning cases and resolving disputes. We act as a strategic partner, help prevent problems, make organisations more future-proof, and advise directors on the right course of action to take. We happily take responsibility for proactively managing and integrating all legal aspects and processes on our clients’ behalf, acting as a legal business partner, and making a lasting contribution to our clients’ success.  

As a full-service law firm, we combine our knowledge and expertise with economic and social trends within a wide range of sectors, so that we can serve our clients based on several specialist areas of expertise, and really live up to our role as their legal business partner 

The culture at La Gro is very important to us. Our core values illustrate our mindset: personable, inquisitive, entrepreneurial, and resourceful. This mentality means a great deal to us, which is demonstrated by the activities La Gro gets involved in, both internally and externally.  

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