Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable operations 

Sustainability is important to our firm and our employees so we go further than simply reducing our paper consumption. We constantly strive to make our operations more sustainable in every way possible. We recycle our waste, all our company cars are electric, and we try to limit the amount of paper we use. We travel by bus or train as much as possible when travelling internationally or to corporate events. We buy locally and participate in Green Friday. When we take on new staff we plant trees through Trees for All and we continue to make our premises more sustainable. 

Since June 2024, our head office has been located in the World Trade Center (WTC) The Hague. Our choice of the WTC as our new location was heavily influenced by the WTC’s strong sustainability profile. Our office in the WTC has an energy rating of A, an advanced heating and cooling system and a class B healthy indoor climate. As we strive for a carbon-neutral world, La Gro is an active partner of the DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council, 

Civic engagement 

La Gro values professional and lasting relationships with its employees, clients and partners alike. In addition to offering legal services, we want to make a positive contribution to society and be involved with the wider community. In all our business activities, we take into account the three pillars of our CSR policy: people, society and the environment.     


Building lasting relationships with our employees, clients and partners


La Gro supports organisations that help people achieve their goals, which would be difficult or impossible for them to do on their own. We are associated with the following social organisations: 

  • Bridges Network Foundation: The Bridges Network bridges the gap between bi-cultural/first-generation students and the commercial legal profession. To achieve this, the Bridges Network organises various workshops, lectures, presentations and other events aimed at reducing the gap between multicultural students and the commercial legal profession, in which our firm actively participates. 
  • JINC: Since 2022, La Gro has been supporting JINC, which helps children get a good start in the job market. At La Gro, children from underprivileged backgrounds are given the opportunity to explore the legal profession via an “Introduction at Lightning Speed”, for example during JINC’s Boss of Tomorrow Day. 
  • Ride to Remember: We contribute to the Netherlands Alzheimer’s Society by participating in this cycling event.  


La Gro supports organisations that bring art, culture or social matters to the attention of the general public in a positive way. We are affiliated with the following cultural institutions: 

  • Cordaid 
  • Boerhave State Museum 
  • Het Residentie Orchestra 
  • The Hague Art Museum 
  • Castellum Theatre 

The Environment 

We support organisations that carry out activities to make the planet healthier, more liveable and more sustainable. In addition, we are committed to community organisations and charities such as: 

  • Cycling 4 Climate: Cycling 4 Climate organises cycling events with the aim of raising awareness for the climate crisis and getting people moving. 
  • World Clean-Up Day: On World Clean-Up Day, all our employees join hands and take to the streets to rid our environment of litter. 
  • Green Friday: As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation we embrace the concept of Green Friday as a counterpart to Black Friday. 
  • Trees for All: We donate a tree for each new employee we take on and we do the same for corporate gifts. 

Diversity and inclusion

La Gro attaches great value and importance to a diverse and inclusive work culture, one in which everyone feels safe, is heard and, in all their diversity, can be themselves.  

Our core values are personal, inquisitive, entrepreneurial, and resourceful, stressing the importance of equal treatment and respect for all.  

In order to monitor this objectively, we conduct an annual employee satisfaction survey, so that we can make targeted improvements within our firm. We also have various ongoing initiatives and collaborations to ensure and promote diversity and inclusion within our firm.