About Anouk 

Anouk has been a corporate and insolvency attorney with La Gro since 2021. She is dedicated, quick to get to the point, and does not shy away from hard work, always adopting a practical approach. 


  • Business law
  • Insolvency law

Qualifications and experience

  • 2021, Leiden University (Master’s degree in Business Law)

Recent cases

  • Business law: advising on the dismissal of directors, shareholder disputes, directors’ and officers’ liability, shareholders’ agreements, takeovers (shares or assets), and partnerships.
  • Insolvency law: assisting companies that have ended up in financial difficulty and advising on a relaunch and/or takeover, (enforcement of) security interests, and directors’ and officers’ liability.
Contact details
A.J.M. (Anouk) van Winden

Attorney at law

Corporate Advisory & Litigation | Insolvency, Restructuring & Financing

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