About Arjen

Arjen is a partner and construction, procurement and real estate law attorney at La Gro. He is particularly involved in advising and conducting litigation for contractors, project developers, housing corporations, and local authorities, on matters relating to buying/selling, developing, and delivering property and real estate projects. He advises his clients and, where necessary, conducts litigation on their behalf, in respect of drafting and interpreting real estate contracts, in construction law disputes and in the areas of rights in rem, liability law, acquisition/loss of property by prescription, and neighbourhood law. Arjen also boasts vast experience in drafting and advising on building contracts, purchasing agreements, and public sector agreements. He is actively committed to his clients, focuses on their perspective, and always determines the right strategy to achieve their goals and solve their problems. 


  • Property
  • Construction
  • Public sector

Qualifications and experience

  • 2011, Utrecht University (Private Law)
  • 2018, Grotius Academy (Property Law)
  • Member of the Oude Rijn Round Table (RT84)

Recent cases

  • Property: advising and litigating in the area of property sales/purchases, property development, formation and interpretation of property contracts, prescription, easements, building rights, ground lease, and statutory rights and duties between neighbours;
  • Construction law: advising and litigating for building contractors, project developers, housing corporations and local authorities in the area of construction contracts, contract extras and reductions, general terms and conditions, and liability law;
  • Public sector: advising and litigating for public authorities, housing corporations, building contractors and developers in the formation of agreements with a public-sector body, land development agreements, cost recovery agreements, development agreements, public-private partnerships.
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H.J. (Arjen) Doelman

Attorney at law | Partner 

Construction law | Real estate

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