About Caroline 

Caroline is a partner and attorney with La Gro. In her work, she thrives on being quick to spot connections and get to the bottom of the matter at hand, and then combining all her specialist experience to come up with the optimal solution, whether in the context of advising in the background, actively negotiating, or conducting litigation before various bodies (courts and disciplinary and/or arbitration tribunals). Her 12 years of experience as a disciplinary judge at the The Hague Disciplinary Council (up to 1 May 2019) serve her well too, and her clients appreciate her expertise and proactive way of working.  


  • Employment law 
  • Insolvency law 

Qualifications and experience

  • 1987, University of Groningen  (Dutch Language and Literature) 
  • 1989, University of Groningen  (Dutch Law)
  • 2007, Mediation training 
  • 2011, Grotius (Insolvency Law )
  • Permanent training 
  • 2016-2021, Chairman of the Board La Gro Advocaten (and legal predecessor) 
  • Member of VAAN (Association of Labour Attorneys in the Netherlands) 
  • Member Insolad (Association of Insolvency Attorneys) 
  • Lid Rotary Leiden  
  • 2007-2019, Member of the Board of Discipline Ressort The Hague
  • 2011-2019, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Prodeba B.V. in Leiden
  • 2011-2019, Member of the Board of Trustees of St. PROO Leiden / St. OBSG Leiderdorp

Recent cases

Throughout her working life, Caroline has been active in the world of healthcare, among other things. She assists hospitals and other institutions in the areas of general employment law, the (non-)performance of specialists and governance aspects. As one of the trustees of the major Meavita bankruptcy (home care bankruptcy, one of the first bankruptcies in the healthcare/welfare sector, 2009-2021), she has broad experience and therefore a broad view of various aspects of a case and includes them in the considerations. 

Contact details
C.A. (Caroline) de Weerdt

Attorney at law | Partner 

Employment law | Insolvency, Restructuring & Finance

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