About Donald

Donald joined La Gro as an attorney and administrator in 2014. He focuses on advising and conducting litigation for banks and other financial institutions in the broad domain of finance and securities, in which he has experience of conducting proceedings before various bodies. He differentiates himself through his no-nonsense approach and incisiveness. 


  • Financing and security interests
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Business law

Qualifications and experience

  • 2020, Grotius Academy, Specialisation Programme in Financing and Security Interests (distinction)
  • 2013, Maastricht University (Dutch Law – major in Private Law)
  • Member of the Association for Young Insolvency Lawyers;
  • Member of the disciplinary board of the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB)

Recent cases

List of all work areas, specific examples of work done, and possibly specific examples of recent cases that the employee worked on.

  • Assisting financial institutions with customer due diligence (CDD), fraud and severance cases, and litigating on these matters as necessary
  • Assisting in negotiations on and drawing up security documents
  • Advising and litigating on credit and other registrations by financial institutions
  • Acting as receiver in bankruptcies, assisting companies in financial difficulty, advising on company relaunches/takeovers, advising and litigating on (the enforcement of) securities interests, Paulian action, and directors’ and officers’ liability.
  • Advising and litigating with respect to various types of (commercial) contracts.
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D.S. (Donald) Volleberg

Attorney at law 

Corporate Advisory & Litigation | Insolvency, Restructuring & Finance

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