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Hans is a partner and has been an attorney since early 1993, practising in real estate-related administrative law from the very start. He assists and advises local authorities and businesses in respect of real estate developments and completions, and also conducts litigation in respect of zoning plans, environmental permits, cost recovery agreements, collaboration agreements, and municipal land policy (losses resulting from government planning decisions, preferential rights for municipalities, and expropriations). He is currently focusing on the upcoming Environment Act. He is also a deputy judge at Rotterdam District Court (Administrative Law Team). 


  • Public property law (environmental law, preferential rights for municipalities, public compensation law)
  • Public sector
  • Interface between public and private law
  • Expropriation law

Qualifications and experience

  • 1993, Leiden University (Dutch Law)
  • 2000, Postgraduate Grotius Programme (Property)
  • 2014, Nijmegen University (Expropriation Law)
  • Member of the Association of Property Lawyers;
  • Member of the Association of Expropriation Lawyers;
  • Member of the Construction Law Association
  • Member of the Administrative Law Association
  • Member of the Environmental Law Association
  • Deputy judge at Rotterdam District Court (administrative law)

Recent cases

  • Environmental law: assisting public authorities, developers, and private individuals in spatial and property-related projects on things such as zoning plans, development plans, collaboration and land development agreements, environmental permits, losses resulting from government planning decisions, enforcement cases, ecological permits, nitrogen.
  • Land policy instruments: Expropriations and Dutch Municipalities (Preferential Rights) Act;
  • Advising public authorities and project developers in entering into agreements with a public-sector body, land development agreements, cost recovery agreements, development agreements, public-private partnerships, and estate redevelopment.
  • General administrative law: assisting public authorities in environmental law-related matters, such as trailer park and houseboat issues, enforcement decisions, compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts, and unlawful government acts.
  • Representing local authorities, housing corporations, and project developers in housing construction projects and redevelopment projects, such as the transformation of former horticulture areas or a former convent.
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J.J. (Hans) Turenhout

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