About Wouter 

Wouter has been an attorney with La Gro since 2013 and has been involved in bankruptcy law since the start of his career. He settles bankruptcies as an administrator, assists administrators of La Gro in the settlement of larger bankruptcies, and assists entrepreneurs who – in whatever capacity – face imminent bankruptcy. He also focuses on the Homologation Private Agreement Act (Whoa) in particular, which enables struggling businesses to avoid bankruptcy. He  is passionate and approachable, and prefers to keep matters as straightforward as possible. 


  • Bankruptcy law
  • Business law
  • Financing and security interests

Qualifications and experience

  • 2012, Erasmus University Rotterdam (major in Financial Law)
  • 2011, Leiden University (major in Business Law)
  • 2018, Grotius Academy (INSOLAD/Grotius Specialisation Programme in Insolvency Law)
  • Active as a volunteer at Foreholte football club
  • Member of the editorial board of INS Updates Insolventierecht
  • Candidate for membership of Association of Insolvency Lawyers (INSOLAD)

Recent cases

  • Bankruptcy law: Acting as a receiver in bankruptcy cases, filing for and assisting in bankruptcy cases, potentially followed by a relaunch, advice to directors of a bankrupt company after being held liable by a receiver, and mounting a defence against a bankruptcy order.
  • Business law: Establishing and recording security interests.
    Claim collection using attachments and other means.
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W.T.N. (Wouter) Vlasveld

Attorney at law 

Insolvency, Restructuring & Finance | Corporate Advisory & Litigation

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