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Trademark and Design Law

La Gro has a team of well-versed and experienced intellectual property lawyers and a certified trademark and design attorney. They will support you in all your questions about your trademark and design rights.

We support you from start to finish with regard to your trademark and design portfolio. In practice, this means that we assist and advise on

  • prosecution: conducting trademark searches, determining trademark and design strategies, filing trademark and design registrations, conducting various office actions before the BOIP, EUIPO and WIPO, monitoring trademarks and conducting opposition and invalidity proceedings before BOIP and EUIPO;
  • commercialisation: managing and renewing trademarks and designs, negotiating and contracting on marketing, licensing and transferring of trademarks and designs, and conducting due diligence investigations in mergers and acquisitions; and
  • litigation: conducting invalidity and infringement proceedings before the BOIP and WIPO and/or before specialised national and international courts.

We work for various types of companies in various industries and sectors, from SMEs to listed multinationals, from start-ups to long-term companies. No matter what type of company you are, you can always contact us.

Your specialist
Benjamin Niemeijer

Attorney at law

Call: +31 172 530 250

What we can do for you

We collaborate with you to determine the categories of products and services and the countries where your trademark and/or design should be registered. We carry out the trademark search and determine the trademark and/or design strategy together with you. This gives you more certainty that your trademark and/or design will be registered without any objections.

It is possible that the BOIP, EUIPO, WIPO or national offices still have objections or questions about the trademark or design application. We handle these objections and answer the questions on your behalf in the so-called office actions.

After your trademark and/or design has been registered, we maintain and monitor the registration on your behalf and check new trademark and design registrations. We will provide a risk indication of the extent to which your trademark or design rights have been infringed and we can conduct an opposition and/or invalidity proceedings on your behalf.

The value of the trademark or design lies not only in good protection, but also in the proper exploitation of it. At this stage, we will further develop the brand and/or design strategy that we have determined together with you so that you can get maximum benefit from your trademark and/or design.

We manage your trademark and design portfolio and ensure timely renewal of registrations. We think along with you about the way in which you want to use your trademark and any marketing and advertising campaigns. In addition, we advise and negotiate on your behalf on, for example, licenses and royalties or the transfer of your trademark or design. Are you involved in a merger or acquisition? Then we also carry out the necessary due diligence investigations, so that you know what you are buying and/or selling.

If a third party uses a sign or product that may infringe your trademark or design, or if you are accused of infringing a third party’s trademark or design, we will of course also assist you.

We discuss the chances of success in advance and, if desired, we negotiate a possible amicable solution with the counter party. If that cannot be achieved, we will take the necessary legal action(s) on your behalf. Our team Intellectual Property & Technology has extensive experience in invalidity proceedings before the BOIP and EUIPO, infringement proceedings before specialised (international) courts and the imposition of interim measures for the protection of evidence.