09 January 2023

China will remove travel restrictions as of 8 January 2023

China maintained strict COVID-19 restrictions during the last three years. Due to the travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in China, doing business with corporations in China has been difficult, and visiting China from abroad was nearly impossible. If you have investments in China or you are contemplating cooperation with Chinese companies, the good news for you is that China announced its reopening as of 8 January 2023.

Lifted travel bans

From January 8th, 2023, COVID-19 will not be categorized as a Class A infectious disease in China. For travelers, it means that you can enter China without the long and expensive quarantine. Moreover, you don’t have to apply for a health code anymore. You are still required to take a PCR test within 48 hours before departure.
For residents in China, the Chinese government resumed processing passport application by Chinese citizens, and traveling abroad finally becomes a possibility. The number of both inbound and outbound flights is increasing gradually.


China is lifting the travel restrictions and preparing to reopen its borders. International trades and foreign investments in China are expected to gradually increase as China focuses more on economic growth. However, China is experiencing a huge COVID outbreak now due to its sudden relaxation of covid restrictions, and travelers are suggested to keep it in mind that the risk of infection is high.

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