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Construction law

The construction sector is thriving, and with the high demand for construction in the Netherlands and increasing attention to climate change, nature, the environment and sustainability, laws and regulations are becoming ever more complex. Our Construction Law Team can help you navigate these laws and regulations. Our team is used to quickly grasping the complex relationship between the various parties involved in the construction process, and their responsibilities, and translating them in practical terms in an agreement.

For more than a hundred years, our firm has been advising clients on all their construction-related matters, from preparing tender and project documentation, supervising tenders and reviewing agreements, to drafting construction contracts. With their expertise and years of experience, the Construction Law Team provides assistance to contractors, architects, construction supervisors, structural engineers, developers, public authorities, and more.

As a result, our team has extensive knowledge and experience of preventing and resolving disputes in construction projects, while always striving to find amicable solutions in our clients’ best interests. If this is not feasible, our team can assist our clients in arbitration proceedings (before the Dutch Arbitration Institute, the Arbitration Council) or in proceedings before a regular court.  

Types of contracts and general terms and conditions  

Our team is used to working with all manner of general terms and conditions used in the construction sector, including ALIB 2024, AVA 2023, Bouwgarant, CR 2013, DNR 2013, UAV 2012, UAV-GC 2005, RAW, STABU, SWK and Woningborg, as well as the FIDIC Suite of Contracts, and a wide range of agreements, such as purchasing and contracting agreements, construction team agreements, and framework agreements. When agreement templates are used, our team will adapt them to concrete projects and the parties involved as much as possible.  

A multidisciplinary approach  

If it adds value for our client, our Construction Law Team will work closely with other teams within our firm who cover the areas of real estate, finance, procurement law, administrative law, tenancy law, intellectual property, and competition & state aid law. By working with multidisciplinary teams, we can advise and assist clients on all aspects and at every stage of construction. 

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