Procurement law

The Procurement Law Team consists of experienced procurement attorneys at law and offers comprehensive expertise regarding all aspects of the procurement process. We represent both clients (contracting authorities and private procurers) and contractors (tenderers), affording us a thorough understanding of diverse markets where procurement takes place.  

We stand prepared to offer strategic legal counsel in various areas, including aiding in procurement procedures, drafting and/or scrutinizing tender documents, assessing tenders and conducting (objection) proceedings.  

We go beyond just procurement law. Within our European Law Team, we have relevant expertise in areas such as competition law, state aid law, the Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act and the Didam judgment. Through collaboration in multidisciplinary teams, we offer guidance and support to clients on all relevant facets and throughout every phase of the procurement process. 

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We advise contracting authorities on the correct application of procurement law. This starts with the question of whether there is an obligatory public procurement or, for example, merely a sale of land. Moreover, our advice often addresses exceptions to compulsory tendering. These exceptions may arise in scenarios such as collaborating with other municipalities (public-public cooperation), awarding a procurement contract to a company that you, as contracting authority, supervise (in-house) or granting a party the exclusive right to work for your organisation. We also assist contracting authorities in clearly formulating procurement and tendering policies and on application and compliance with the policies.   

We supervise entire procurement procedures and also offer advice on specific aspects of these procedures. This might include drawing up tender guidelines and associated documentation, setting up the tendering platform, responding to or editing responses in letters of enquiry, support in assessing tenders, drafting letters of award and/or advising on contracting. 

We engage in strategic planning with you during the bid drafting phase of a procurement procedure. Whether providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process or advising on specific aspects, our goal is to enhance your chances of winning the contract. This might include a legal risk analysis of the tender documentation, formulating strategic questions and/or objections, checking the bid for completeness and compliance with the requirements and conditions, advising on strategic tendering, assessing quality documents from a procurement law perspective and articulating objections in the event of non-award or exclusion. 

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