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The agri-food industry plays a critical role in the global economy and must constantly adapt to the latest requirements from governments, society and consumer demands. Case law from national courts, the European Court of Justice and the Advertising Standards Committee are succeeding one another at an incredible rate, while the industry is constantly evolving in terms of technology, products and food standards legislation.  

La Gro’s Agri-Food Team closely monitors and has a thorough understanding of the developments, challenges and opportunities presenting themselves within this dynamic sector, and can offer specialist legal services to support clients.  

Our team provides advisory services to the full range of national and international players in the sector, including businesses involved in agriculture and food production, processing and distribution, as well as manufacturers, agricultural commodity processors and financial institutions. 

While legal requirements keep increasing both in number and complexity, our Agri-Food Team can provide our clients with legal services covering the full spectrum, including:  

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Coen Verhaegh

Attorney at law

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You can contact us fot the following

  • Domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions  
  • Joint ventures 
  • ESG  
  • Competition law and EU 
  • Patents and intellectual property rights 
  • Technology licences 
  • Distribution agreements 
  • Scientific collaboration agreements 
  • Expropriation and pre-emptive rights 
  • Land transactions 
  • Ground leases and other land uses 
  • Product liability  
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Commercial contracts 
  • Environmental legislation 
  • Land development law  
  • Grants 
  • Permits