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Commercial Contracts

& Commercial Litigation

In an increasingly internationalised and complex world, and in the scheme of a wider overhaul of the regulatory framework, it is vital to get the basics of doing business right.  

Commercial contracts are at the heart of every business model, which is why a team of corporate attorneys at law at La Gro specialises in national and international contract law. Our specialists have many years of experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, such as distribution agreements, franchise agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder and management agreements, and general terms and conditions.   

We also assist entrepreneurs in commercial disputes in respect of stalled negotiations or terminated agreements, advising on the best strategy while never losing sight of the end goal. Whenever possible, we resolve disputes through negotiation, but if this does not provide a solution, businesses can rely on our vast litigation experience for assistance in civil court and arbitration proceedings.

La Gro also has a specialist debt collection department, which can provide a full range of debt collection services, if necessary. 

Franchise agreements

On 1 January 2021, the new franchise act was introduced in the Netherlands, which stipulates the various requirements that franchise agreements must meet. Our experienced Franchise Law Team can act as a sparring partner, draft franchise agreements, and assist you in negotiations and proceedings. When new legislation and formula changes come into effect, existing agreements need updating too.

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