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Employment law

Employment law is changing rapidly. Laws and regulations are continuously being amended and different types of flexible working and self-employment are becoming increasingly important. Our employment lawyers have many years of experience in all areas of the field and can be your strategic partners for all your complex employment law matters. Their comprehensive experience covers dismissal processes, complex reorganisations, employee participation, (harmonising) employment terms and conditions , as well as employment law issues in mergers and acquisitions.

La Gro’s employment lawyers can fully support you with any complex and strategic employment law matters you may be facing, by acting as a sparring partner or as an in-house lawyer for employers.

While day-to-day support services often take place in the background, we only step into the foreground when you and/or the matter in hand require(s) us to do so. Timing is everything in employment law, which is why we are proactive, on the ball, and to the point. We think outside the box and always come up with practical solutions.

To help you enhance your legal knowledge, we happily share ours by providing know-how sessions, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and white papers, so you will be kept up to date on all latest developments in the field of employment law at all times. 

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When entering into an employment contract, both employer and employee anticipate a long-term collaboration. However, a dismissal cannot always be avoided. We can advise and guide you towards the desired outcome.   

In a free white paper, we provide a step-by-step explanation of the basics of dismissal law and detailed answers to FAQs 

Employee participation in your organisation can be arranged in various ways. We can support you in setting up the most practical works council structure and make advisory and approval processes as easy as possible for you. 

Employee participation is also relevant to smaller businesses. Download our white paper on employee participation for answers to FAQs from smaller and medium-sized businesses. 

Making strategic use of legislative and regulatory opportunities, and even anticipating them, can greatly impact the outcome of a reorganisation. We can help and guide you through the various available options. Our lawyers regularly act as an extension of HR departments to actively guide reorganisations and negotiate a social plan. 

Collective bargaining law is increasingly becoming a separate specialism within employment law. At times, it may be unclear whether a certain collective agreement applies to your business. Collective agreement matters can become relevant in mergers and acquisitions too. Our employment law specialists have extensive experience of negotiating, advising, and conducting litigation on collective agreement matters.    

As a business owner, you may come across employees becoming long-term incapacitated to work. Their return-to-work process and the continuation of their salary payments will be your responsibility, although the employee will also have obligations. We can take care of all the legal aspects involved on your behalf

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe working environment. If anything should happen to an employee, volunteer, contractor or trainee while at work at your company, you will usually be liable for any damages under employer’s liability legislation.

It is not always clear what employer’s liability encompasses. We can advise you on your duty of care and assist you in the event of an accident at work.   

Public service law is an area of law in its own right. Since the introduction of the Civil Servants (Standardisation of Legal Status) Act in the Netherlands, the legal status of many civil servants has been brought more in line with that of employees in the private sector. Nevertheless, the necessary specific laws and regulations apply. 

Our Public Sector Team has been providing legal assistance to local authorities and other public bodies for a large number of years. Our Employment Law Team works closely with our Public Sector Team in dealing with all matters relating to legal status and employment law. 

Pensions are bound to raise issues, especially when changes occur. It is not always clear whether joining an industry pension fund is mandatory either. In addition, it is important for you to be aware of your pension status in the event of a merger or acquisition. We can support and advise you on these issues.

Directors under articles of associations and directors by title are subject to different employment law rules. Given the complexity of the legal status of a director under articles of association, it is wise to seek legal advice and have any employment contract or management agreement reviewed by one of our lawyers.  

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