With the Netherlands being committed to phasing out the use of fossil sources such as coal, oil and gas, in favour of renewables such as wind, solar and hydro power, the energy transition has been gathering momentum and has been impacting the policies of businesses, institutions, and local authorities alike.  

Many businesses and institutions are  actively looking for ways to be involved in the energy chain (alone or with partners), either to reduce costs, improve their energy security, exploit commercial opportunities, or to enhance their image. In such cases, you need advisors who understand the uncertainties and can give pragmatic, astute advice to make these projects a success.  

Our Energy Team is in the know, not only of the current situation in the industry, but also of what will be needed in the future. Our team keeps abreast of the latest developments in the field and the related laws and regulations, and can assist clients throughout the project cycle, from early-stage considerations such as joint ventures and permit matters, to energy procurement and other commercial contracts, project financing, and the acquisition or sale of completed projects. 

By working in multidisciplinary teams, we can easily expand our teams by deploying specialists from relevant specific areas such as administrative law, corporate law, construction law, real estate, and financing and securities. The team members can interact quickly and come up with smart solutions to legal and strategic matters.  

Relevant specific areas for which our clients seek our involvement: 

  • Grant applications 
  • Permit applications 
  • Advice on sustainability policy-making 
  • Assistance in tendering 
  • State aid assessment 
  • Contract formation 
  • Knowledge of the Energy Act 
  • Knowledge of the Environment Act 
  • Expropriation proceedings 
  • Drafting financing agreements 
  • Setting up partnerships 
  • Risk analysis 

Recent Cases focused on the Energy Sector 

  • Advised an energy company on its international expansion to Sweden.  
  • Advised various market players on the acquisition or establishment of rights in rem in the context of the development and completion of wind farms and solar parks. Legal and commercial advice was provided to both wind/solar farm developers and landowners.  
  • Advised on the development and completion of the ‘Heat Roundabout’ from Rotterdam to Leiden, plus related land acquisition, and conducted various proceedings in respect of public law. 


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