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Tenancy law

Tenancy law is a dynamic area of law characterised by the application of mandatory rules on the one hand, and freedom of contract on the other. Our Tenancy Law Team consists of specialist tenancy law attorneys who are fully conversant with all the rules. They assist both landlords and tenants by  offering legal advice tailored to the clients’ specific needs. Whether it is about drafting, adhering to, or terminating, a tenancy agreement, a combined tenancy agreement (for example combining accommodation with care), or matters in respect of area development or real estate transformation, we have the right attorney for each specialism. We also have extensive experience of conducting proceedings for landlords and tenants alike. Our specialist knowledge and years of experience mean we are effective at problem-solvin

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What we can do for you

In the area of residential tenancy law, our tenancy law specialists mainly assist housing corporations, municipalities, healthcare institutions, franchise organisations, and professional landlords. Within residential tenancy law, our Tenancy Law Team’s experience covers the following areas and more: 

  • drafting / amending / terminating tenancy agreements 
  • rent change 
  • co-tenancy 
  • subletting 
  • temporary tenancy 
  • residential nuisance 
  • defects 
  • renovation and urgent work 
  • last-chance agreements 
  • drafting termination agreements 
  • evacuation procedures 
  • giving notice in respect of and dissolving tenancy agreements 
  • delivery of the let property 

A commercial tenancy agreement can relate to offices (Section 7:230a of the Dutch Civil Code), but also to shops and catering establishments (Section 7:290 of the Civil Code), with each sub-area having its own rules. 
Our experience within the area of commercial tenancy law includes:  

  • drafting / amending / terminating tenancy agreements 
  • temporary tenancy 
  • substitution 
  • rent review 
  • subletting 
  • defects 
  • renovation and urgent work 
  • giving notice in respect of and dissolving tenancy agreements  
  • evacuation procedures 
  • delivery of the let property 

We regularly draw up flexible tenancy contracts for our clients. Our experience in this area includes: 

  • temporary residential tenancy 
  • temporary commercial tenancy 
  • vacancy law 
  • user agreements 

Our experience includes: 

  • renting undeveloped land 
  • car parks 
  • ground leases 
  • moorings 

When can rent be increased or decreased? We know the possible options and will focus on your perspective.

If you enter into a tenancy relationship, we can draw up and/or adapt a tailor-made tenancy agreement for you. We can also review any standard tenancy agreement and test it against relevant legislation. Do you want a temporary tenancy agreement or, conversely, the longest possible tenancy relationship? We can advise you on any necessary adjustments and the implementation of specific requirements.

Our Tenancy Law Team covers a wide range of subjects within this area of expertise. Our specialists have many years of experience assisting in area development and expropriation processes

Our tenancy law specialists are also experienced in the following areas: 

  • renovation and urgent work
  • temporary contracts 
  • compensation and damages 
  • permits 
  • implementation of zoning plans 
  • expropriations 
  • unlawful use / squatting 

Based on our vast experience of tenancy law litigation we can represent landlords or tenants in tenancy-related proceedings where necessary.

Our Tenancy Law Team can assist housing corporations and care organisations in drafting residential/care agreements, based on our experience in the following areas: 

  • drafting residential/care agreements 
  • tripartite agreements 
  • tenancy by healthcare parties 
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